3 Go Pro Floats To Save Your Gear

Lets face it, the Go Pro isn’t quite the same as a disposable camera.  In fact, its quite an expensive camera.  An expensive camera that you want to take in all sorts of extreme conditions, including water.  Avoid turning that fantastic water trip into a worst nightmare by losing your Go Pro overboard.  Here’s 3 easy options to keep your Go Pro safe – all with an easy on the eyes price tag and available quickly from Amazon.

Fear no more, camera floats are here!

1.  Go Pro Floaty Backdoor

Compatible with both the Hero 4 and Hero 3/3+, this float attaches to the Go Pro backdoor via a large 3m adhesive pad.  The kit includes an extra back door for use with the float which is nice so you can switch it out with the original backdoor when the float is needed.   Sporting a high visibility orange color helps it stand out making it easier to find and recover in “boating mishaps”.   A small lanyard is also included for extra safety.  This accessory comes straight from Go Pro, so you can be sure the fit and quality will be up to par.  

If all you want is a removable float with minimal extra features than this is your ticket.  A small note – attaching the float to the backdoor recommends at least 24 hours to sit after installation, so keep this in mind when preparing for your next trip!


2.  Go Pro Floating Wrist Strap 

The FloatPro by Go Pro is a great multi-purpose flexible wrist strap.  Its rated to float cameras up to 8oz (226g).  The one size fits all, non-slip wrist strap is attached to a short lanyard which connects to the Go Pro camera.  The strap can be tightened around the holders wrist via a toggle and clip once put on.  Its made up neoprene and foam and like the Pro Floaty Backdoor is also colored in bright orange for high visibility and easy recovery.  This wristband makes a great upgrade for someone already using a wristband/lanyard to keep their camera secure, but wants the added floatation protection for adventures over water.  

Another bonus is the versatility of the strap – it can be used on much more than just Go Pros.  Anything you can imagine attaching to your wrist and not wanting to lose can be attached to the wrist strap.  An invaluable tool to add to any kayak’s gear.


3.  Go Pro Floating Hand Grip

The Go Pro Handler doubles as both a hand grip and a floatation device. The hand grip allows for steadier photos and videos than simply holding the camera. The hand grip will also keep your camera afloat so dropping your Go Pro overboard will not ruin the trip. It also comes with an adjustable wrist strap to keep it securely tethered to your person. The floatation is only guaranteed to be good to 33 ft below water, so this may not be ideal to double as a diving floatation device, but kayaks should have no problems. It is not as brightly colored as the Go Pro Floaty or Go Pro Wrist Strap, but the bottom of the handle does contain a bright orange section of color.

A few extra bucks to keep your expensive camera safe and above water should be a no-brainer. The products listed are some tried and true solid choices, but besides the above there’s multiple aftermarket products available for the Go Pro to check out. Whatever you choose, keep it safe, and get some great shots!